Over 1,000 Honduran Migrants Form Caravan, Head for US

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More than 1,000 Honduran migrants have crossed illegally into Guatemala in a bid to reach the United States as a major new caravan formed barely a month ahead of U.S. presidential elections, Guatemalan authorities reported on Thursday.

Some young men and women carrying backpacks and small children were held up at the Honduran border post of Corinto, where Guatemalan authorities tried to prevent them from entering by asking they provide proof they did not have coronavirus.

But more than 1,000 migrants illegally crossed into Guatemala after a stand-off with authorities at the border, the Guatemalan immigration department said.

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  1. The US is in far worse shape, with a far higher death rate from COVID-19.

    They should not come to the US. They should stop in Mexico, a country that unlike the US likes immigrants. The language is the same and the people of southeastern Mexico are the same as those in Honduras.

    • Actually, it was reported that there were fewer deaths worldwide this year. Possibly because generally 1/3 of the yearly deaths is from medical malpractice. Also, since most hospitals were basically empty after all the murder committed by doctors and nurses, especially before Pesach, there were fewer deaths.


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