Over 1000 Tzedakos May Lose IRS Non-Profit Status In Ten Days Unless They Act Now

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filing-taxesOver one-thousand Jewish non-profit organizations are at risk of losing their 501(C)(3) designation because of a new law that enforces the required filing of a Form 990. If an organization has not filed their “990” with the IRS within the last three years they will lose their non-profit status.

“Because this is a relatively new law, many tzedakahs may not be aware that it applies to them,” NY Councilman David Greenfieldexplained. “Every tzedakah needs to know that, regardless of their size, they must file these forms with the IRS before October 15th or they will lose their ability to take tax-deductible contributions.”

The IRS has set October 15th as the final deadline for filing an annual report on Form 990 for organizations which have not done so for three years since the 2006 law went into effect. Under the 2006 law, all nonprofits which have been found to be tax exempt by the IRS must file some sort of annual form. If a nonprofit has less than $25,000 in income, it still must file – however, it should file on-line.

Non-profit organizations can easily check their status on the IRS web-site (www.irs.gov) by clicking on “Charities & Non-Profits” (near the top of the page); clicking on the entry starting “IRS announces One Time Filing Relief . . .” ; clicking on the 5th entry down – “list of…” and checking to make sure their organization is not on the list. If an organization is on the list, they must file a Form 990 by October 15th, 2010.

Greenfield encouraged the community to spread the word, “If you know someone who has a tzedakah, especially a small tzedakah, please do them a chesed and send them this story immediately so they can reach out to their accountants and file the necessary paperwork before the final October 15th deadline.”

The web link to file a Form 990-e with the IRS is: http://www.irs.gov/charities/article/0,,id=169250,00.html

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  1. there are many yeshivos listed starting from A-Aish International to Z- Zichron…in nys over 700 YES SEVEN HUNDRED+ pages of npos slated for this.

  2. could someone post a link to the list of charities that could lose their status over this? If i recognize one on the list I would call them and tell them. Shuls and many Yeshivos (because of how they are organized do not have to file.

  3. what we must do is go trough the whole list (under all the states) and pick out all the jewish organizations and try to contact them. it’s hard, but if you just skim the first word in each name to look for names that would be Jewish organizations, it goes much quicker. Or at least search for key words like jewish, torah, etc. I already did the a’s, but havent yet contacted them

  4. #5.

    I did and didn’t see a link to organizations who haven’t filed yet and are obligated to. Did you follow the link and find it?

  5. 7, http://www.irs.gov/charities/article/0,,id=225889,00.html

    Is it possible t protest this still?

    I went through the list through f, bit gets easier, but it’s still a lot. If I posted the list so far here, would anyone be willing to help contact the organizations, or with gathering the names form the other letters? Thanks


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