Over $100,000 In Loose Change Left At NYC Airport Security Checks


NYC-area airline passengers left more than $131,000 in loose change and cash at TSA screening stations, NY DAILY NEWS reports.

Airline passengers crossing through Transportation Security Administration checkpoints left nearly $1 million in loose change and cash at screening stations this past fiscal year, and more than $131,000 of that cash came from the New York City area, according to a TSA report.

JFK topped the list of airports nationwide where travelers leave cold, hard cash — forgetting a total of $72,392.74 on screening tables. Los Angeles International Airport was a close second with $71,748.83. The TSA collected some $41,026.07 in loose cash at Newark International Airport, and $17,906.62 at LaGuardia Airport. In all, the TSA recovered $960,105.49 in unclaimed cash.

Read more at NY DAILY NEWS.



  1. To whom it may concern:

    I completely empathize with this colossal problem and am willing to take the spare change off your hands free of charge. I can be contacted through Matzav.com

  2. Its loose change, meaning a dime here, a few pennies there etc. No one is gonna waste their time and effort trying to go back through the hassle of security to retrieve it, especially when running to try catching a flight. It may not be much to each person, but it obviously adds up with the amount of people travelling.
    This is obviously a huge musser vort and a vivid real life exaple of how even a little mitzva, can really add up over time if repeated again and again.


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