Over 20,000 Join Together for Ohel Sarala 1000 Shidduch Milestone Event



The Ohel Sarala program is a conduit for simcha. 

Sarala Ginzberg was a young girl who passed away a few weeks after she turned 17. Her death was a devastating blow to those who knew her, but her family chose to remember her infectious simchas hachayim, her zest for life, and to create new simcha as a zechus for her aaliyas neshama.


Rabbi Shlomo Bochner, founder and executive of Bonei Olam heard this Torah-based segulah directly from Harav Ahron Leib Shteinman ZT”L. 


Here’s how it works:


Girls in Shidduchim (of all ages) would be paired together with couples undergoing costly fertility treatments. Each would daven for the other and in addition, each would donate money (any amount) towards a treatment. 


Today, we are celebrating 1000 Ohel Sarala kallahs!  


As we look back and we look forward, we clearly see that Hashem is making miracles here. And now that we see how powerful Ohel Sarala truly is, we want to spread it to more and more girls who can partner with us to bring more simcha–their own and others–into the world. 


As we reach 1000, we are joyous, and aiming ever higher. We have a second goal in mind.


Now we want to reach 2000 simchas. 


You can join today! Click HERE  https://www.ohelsarala.org/c/1000

WATCH REPLAY OF LAST NIGHT EVENT  https://ohelsarala.org/live-stream


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