Over 35 Injured in Northern Israel Bus Crash

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Over 35 people have been injured in a bus crash near Haifa in northern Israel.

The accident took place in the Carmel Tunnels .

Three people were hurt seriously.

One report indicated that the bus swerved into a wall in the tunnel, while others reported that the bus collided with a truck.

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David Steger – Matzav.com Israel



  1. anyone ready to admit to our father Hashem that we need to do teshuva?

    YOU decide on your own gift of free-will if you prefer to serve Hashem with Happiness & peace of mind or Vise versa to C”V sin & be punished for it. but don’t be surprised when it happens C”V. A person can’t expect to do what he wants & just get rewards even if he sinned C”V

    WHEN YOU DO TESHUVA then we can start expecting Mashiach

    may this Pesach be the geula & may we all bring the korban Pesach in Yerushalyim


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