Over 7,000 Charedim Joined The IDF In 2018

idf recruit giyus

Official dated released by the Knesset Research and Information Centre concerning charedi enlistment in the Israeli army has revealed that as of last August, 7,250 Charedi soldiers enlisted, according to a report by Ynet.

The report notes that although these figures do not meet the targets set by an earlier version of the “Israeli Defence Service Law”, the numbers do reflect “the steady rise of ultra-Orthodox recruits in the past three years”.

Specifically, Ynet reported, in recent years there has been a roughly 50 per cent increase in the numbers of recruits defined as charedim.

Read more at Middle East Monitor.



  1. How does this alleged report define “Chareidim”? Anyone that puts on a paper kipa when visiting the Kosel? Total fake news.

    • Agree and Nachal Hachareidi can hardly be called chareidim. The photo attached of Yeshiva boys is very misleading. You should use the Pepsi-Cola Kipa boys for chareidim who join the tamei military.

  2. There are many chareidim who do not learn and would like to go to the army simply to take care of the matter so that they can go to work and move forward with their lives. However they are prevented from doing so because it is deemed completely unacceptable to go to the army in the chariedi community. So the fact that ever more chareidim are now going to the army making it acceptable is a good thing.

  3. Gevalt, the shmad of amalek is starting to succeed. We must seven for their downfall or else they’ll close all the yeshivas

  4. This is what R Elyashiv, R Samuel Auerbach Ztl and R Aharon Feldman, R Aharon Shechter, R Elya Ber, R Samuel Deutch (just to name a few)were concerned about. Not that I get involved in chilukei dayos of gadolim. But for those that think these geonim are a bunch of loonies.


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