“Oy, Yoy, Yoy”: Trump Goes Yiddish on Jeb Bush


donald trump[Video below.] Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, whose caustic comments about Mexicans have inflamed the immigration debate, told thousands of cheering supporters in Phoenix last night that “we have to take back the heart of our country.”

In a speech delivered in this border state that has been the epicenter of the nation’s divisive battle over immigration reform, Trump declared: “These are people that shouldn’t be in our country. They flow in like water.” One man in the crowd of 4,200 shouted back, “Build a wall!”

Basking in polls that show he has risen to the top of the crowded Republican field, Trump took obvious glee in mocking former Florida governor Jeb Bush, the establishment favorite who is setting fundraising records.

“Jeb Bush, let’s say he’s president — Oy, yoy, yoy,” Trump said. He asked the crowd: “How can I be tied with this guy? He’s terrible. Terrible. He’s weak on immigration.” Read more here.




  1. Vote trump if you want the dems to win! All selfish trump is doing is splitting the vote and making the republican party look like bunch of racist bores! So the corrupt Hilary will win instead.


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