PA Arabs Torch Set Fire to Kever Yosef – Again


kever-yosefDozens of Palestinian Authority Arabs rioted at Kever Yosef late last night and set it on fire, one week after PA police murdered Ben Yosef Livnat after he davened there.

Local Arabs “celebrated” the murder by setting fires at the kever. PA Muslims have frequently desecrated Kever Yosef, including the burning of a Sefer Torah. Two years ago, Yidden discovered freshly painted graffiti of swastikas a day after Holocaust Memorial Day, along with boot prints of Palestinian Authority police.

The IDF did not intervene in the latest desecration. Palestinian Authority policemen eventually arrived to extinguish the fire and disperse the rioters.

Several political leaders from different parties, including former National Security Adviser Uzi Dayan have called for returning the control of Kever Yosef to the IDF and allowing routine prayer visits by Jews.

The defunct Oslo Accords provided for open access to Jews to the site and for the presence of the IDF. The government eventually pulled its forces out of the area, leaving Kever Yosef under the sovereignty of the Palestinian Authority.

Livnat was one of 15 followers of the Breslov community who prayed at Kever Yosef early Monday morning a week ago. Palestinian Authority police fired on their vehicles as they left the area.

The IDF’s initial response was that the Jewish group did not coordinate their visit with military authorities, and the IDF spokesman referred to the shooting as an “incident” and not an attack.

After the victim was identified as Livnat, a nephew of Likud Minister Limor Livnat, the government’s tone changed. Defense Minister Ehud Barak condemned the killing, and Voice of Israel government radio, which initially emphasized that the prayer group endangered themselves by not notifying the military, turned critical of the Palestinian Authority for shooting at people who were known to them as regular visitors.

In response, the spokesman for the PA security forces defended the shooting and murder, saying that “settlers are not normal people.” Livnat was a resident of Jerusalem, although he grew up in Elon Moreh, located in Samaria.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.

{Arutz Sheva/ Newscenter}



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