‘PA Greatly Exaggerated Cost Of Treatments In Israeli Hospitals’

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Back in March the Palestinian Authority announced that Palestinians would no longer be referred to hospitals in Israel for treatment. At the time, the PA justified the move with the claim that it would save some $100 million annually. The PA is in the midst of a severe financial crisis over its refusal to accept tax revenues collected for it by Israel.

However, according to Israeli NGO Palestinian Media Watch, figures provided by Israel’s Finance Ministry in response to a freedom of information request prove that the PA greatly exaggerated the cost of the treatments.

According to the figures, from 2010 to 2018 PA expenditures on treatment for Palestinians in Israeli hospitals averaged $62 million annually, with the highest expenditure ($83 million) occurring in 2014, the year of the last Gaza war.

At the same time the PA was inflating the cost of the medical treatment for Palestinians in Israeli hospitals to justify cutbacks, it raised payments its payments to terrorist in Israeli jails, released prisoners and the families of dead terrorists by 11.8 percent, according to PMW.

The last comprehensive study regarding the treatment of Palestinians in Israeli hospitals was released by Israel’s Knesset in 2017. The report, which covered a five-year period ending in 2015, showed that in those years 42,314 Palestinians received medical treatment in Israeli hospitals. Just over half of those hospitalized were children, according to the report, most of whom were being treated for cancer and cancer-related illness.

The PA’s injunction on Palestinians receiving medical care in Israel does not apply to senior PA figures.




  1. so why do they send their sick to israeli hospitals in the first place? imagine if one of those patients would die in an israeli hospital. they’d go to the UN and say we murdered one of their own. let them build their own hospitals without using the equipment and treatments that were invented by israel


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