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PA Hypocrisy Continues: Abbas Condemns Sri Lanka Easter Sunday Bombings

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Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas hurried to condemn the horrific terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka on April 14, Easter Sunday, in which more than 300 people were murdered and nearly 500 injured in suicide attacks apparently carried out by an Islamic terrorist group. Abbas’s condemnation doesn’t come as a surprise, as it is his habit to condemn terrorism when it takes place abroad, as opposed to his lack of condemnation of terrorism against Israelis.

Following the tragedy in Sri Lanka, which he called “criminal and gruesome,” Abbas called on the world to combat terrorism together:


Abbas’s call to combat terrorism stands in stark contrast to his repeated vows at home to continue his financial support for imprisoned terrorists, released terrorists, wounded terrorists and the families of dead terrorists—no matter what. Abbas has reiterated over and over that the P.A. will support these terrorists even if it has only “one penny left,” and has demonstrated his will to do so by cutting the salaries of public employees rather than salaries to terrorists.

Abbas’s response to the terrorism in Sri Lanka is strikingly similar to his recent outreach speech to American university students:

“We will not choose a path other than negotiations. … We believe in peace and believe in security for everyone. … We made agreements with 83 states in the world … on one issue: the war on terror in the world, terror in all its forms, variations and sources.” (Official P.A. TV, March 24, 2019.)

However, Palestinian Media Watch exposed the Palestinian leader’s hypocrisy. The day before Abbas’s speech, his Fatah deputy Mahmoud Al-Aloul announced to Palestinians that terrorist Omar Abu Laila, who murdered two Israelis a week earlier, “represents all young Palestinians,” and that Abbas’s own Fatah movement is “proud” of him: “We are extremely proud, this is Omar Abu Laila, who implemented his choice, who implemented the people’s choice … through which he represents all of you, represents all young Palestinians.” (Official Fatah Facebook page, March 23, 2019)

PMW further documented how the P.A. and Fatah have turned the same murderer into a Palestinian symbol and hero.





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