PA Targets Former Prime Minister Salam Fayyad


Salam FayyadPA President Mahmoud Abbas has frozen the bank accounts of former PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, accusing Fayyad of money laundering.

In the past, the main complaint against Fayyad was always his honesty. He actually fought against and reduced corruption. For the powers that be in Ramallah to accuse Fayyad of money laundering is absurd and disgusting, and no one is going to believe it.

Fayyad represents an independent voice, an alternative to Abbas’ Fatah Party cronies. Fayyad’s NGO, “Future for Palestine,” has had support from the UAE, with whom Abbas is feuding.

Members of Congress who appropriate money for the PA ought to let it know that this kind of tinpot dictatorship move won’t be tolerated.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Salam Fayyad is the rare, rare instance of a Palestinian who is truly capable of making peace with Israel. No surprise the usual lynch-mob is coming after this decent individual.


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