Pack of Cigarettes to Top $10 in New York

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marlboro-cigarettesThe fact that a pack of cigarettes will soon cost more than $10 in New York could push some people quit smoking, a health official says. Michael Seilback, a member of the American Lung Association of the state of New York, said if the new 62-cent federal tax added to a single pack of cigarettes encourages smokers to quit, it could potentially lower smoking-related healthcare costs and deaths, the New York Post reported today.

The federal tax will be applied to all cigarette sales in New York following the recent passage of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program law.

With the added federal tax, two-thirds of the cost of a pack of cigarettes in New York will be made up of city, federal and states taxes as of April 1.

Seilback said while the increased cost could potentially help lower New York state’s 35,000 annual smoking-related deaths, it also could adversely impact health programs in the state.

The Lung Association official told the Post as more people quit smoking, the decline in sales with reduce tax revenues that pay for state health programs.

{UPI/ Newscenter}



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