PACKING HEAT IN SHUL: NY Post Article on Why People Are Bringing Guns to Davening

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  1. In shuls throughout Israel there are mispalelim who wear handguns during the Shabbos tefilos. The reason they do so is not something we’re happy about, but trained, responsible gun owners are exactly what is most helpful in situations like the ones that occurred in California, Pittsburgh and all too often in Israel.

  2. Sad that this article portrays a shul as fun and social. Maybe one needs a gun when one uses a shul in such a way But if one goes to shul to solely pray and learn torah , there is no need for a gun. If a shul is talk free during davening, then there is no need for guns. When shuls are used as social events and when davening is just an afterthought, then those type of shuls need guns as a protection.

    • Whether it’s a Hatzola member’s radio, a gun-owner’s handgun, a shul’s bomb shelter or a shul’s electric defibrillator, I have never, ever heard of a rov saying that ANY shul doesn’t need that particular safety measure because of the congregation’s tzidkus. And the roshei yeshiva I was privileged to chauffeur around always buckled their seat belts (insert joke about my driving here, but you get my point).

  3. @anon #2
    You need to go to eretz yisroel and ask mechilla from the kedoshim killed in the har nof attack. How dare you spew your false righteousness. Take your trolling elsewhere!

    • When there is no talking in Shul and no cell phones are brought in, there is a special shmira from shomayim. If HKBH won’t protect, guns are useless.

    • @1:05
      Or perhaps you need to speak to your Rov, to any of our Gedolim, to learn the various mamorey Chazal, and even those in the Shul in Har Nof.

      Nobody is CV saying anything negative about anyone therefore no Mechilla is necessary.

      Even the Shuls in Yerusholayim dont have security guards. What happened in Har Nof is the greatest tragedy. Just as all horrific tragedies that befall us are horrific. Hashem has his reasons why things happen and we will not know or understand them. What we do know is that we must turn to our leaders toiled in Torah for guidance and it is they, our leaders, it is chazal itself who tell us that Teffila is the greatest Shmira.

      As soon as we declare to Hahsem that it’s not our commitment to strengthen our actions in Shul as our protection but rather we will remain who we are and instead hire security then Hashem will CV say to us, ok have it your way

  4. The guns needs to be in the hands of skilled and trained security personnel (Jewish or non jewish; open carrying, concealed, or both) and these people, who should be paid properly, need to take their jobs very seriously. I have seen sloppy security in USA, to put it mildly. And how possibly can someone who is in charge of security pray at the same time? If they are Jewish they should pray at another minyan.

  5. Do you people leave your doors open at night?? Why would you lock it if you said Shema & Hashem is watching?

    I do because Hashem wants us to take every precaution possible & then leave the rest to HIM.

    No need for panic & hysteria (like the vax debate) just do your part & then trust.

    But if you didn’t do your hishtadlus- don’t expect miracles.

  6. I’m on the side of Rav Chaim Kanievsky and Rav Gamliel Rabimovitch who said that the best shemirah for shuls is no talking and no cell phones. Why the holocaust and har nof tragedies happened is the rotzon hashem for reasons I don’t understand. But one thing I can tell you, a shemira for protection is no talking.

  7. #8, bad things happen to good people because of bad peoples sins. If the bad wouldn’t sin then good people wont die. It’s a simple equation. Do teshuva and we will be better off

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