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Palestinian Anti-Semitism In Full Force As World Commemorates International Holocaust Day

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As the world commemorates International Holocaust Day today, Palestinian Media Watch offers a glimpse of the anti-Semitic hatred spread by Palestinian Authority leaders. These hate messages are also directed at Palestinian children, and thus passed on to the next generation. While the world is busy discussing ways to uproot and eradicate anti-Semitism, the P.A. is busy cementing and preserving it.

PMW finds that anti-Semitic messages have increased in the P.A. in recent years. They are not mere hate incitement but represent a systematic hate ideology.


“There is no global corruption that they are not behind.

“If a fish in the sea fights with another fish, I am sure the Jews are behind it.

“Always plotting against humanity—not just against the Muslims, but rather against all humanity.”

P.A. leader Mahmoud Abbas’s close adviser, Mahmoud Al -Habbash, declared that the conflict with Israel “is not new,” but is the continuation of the battle throughout history against Jews who represented “evil, falsehood and Satan.” Israel, he says, is therefore “Satan’s Project.” Abbas himself has said that the Jews suffered the Holocaust due to their behavior—because of their “social roles” connected to “usury and banks.” A P.A. religious figure explained that Hitler was sent by Allah to punish the Jews, as were the Babylonians, Romans and other Europeans.

Significantly, P.A. anti-Semitism includes the teaching that these alleged character traits are inherent to Jews and unchanging, and therefore Jews must be eliminated for the benefit of humanity. This is how it was worded in a sermon by Sheikh Osama Al-Tibi on official P.A. TV just six weeks ago: “These malignant genes … they transfer them from generation to generation. They inherit it from father to son.” Accordingly, “humanity will never be able to live together with them,” and the only solution then is to exterminate the Jews, which is Jewish destiny: “At the end of time, the Muslims will fight the Jews. … ‘Until the Jews hide behind a stone or a tree, and the stone or a tree will say: ‘Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him’ … count them and kill them one by one, and do not leave even one.”

Palestinians who accept these teachings will feel justified and even motivated to kill Israelis/Jews.

With this messaging from the P.A. leadership, it is not surprising that the ADL Global 100 poll in May 2014 found that Palestinians are the most anti-Semitic people in world. The poll found that 93 percent of Palestinians believed that at least six of the 11 negative stereotypes tested were “probably true.” For example, 78 percent of Palestinians believe that “Jews are responsible for most of the world’s wars,” which is a direct conclusion from P.A. teachings.

The P.A.’s anti-Semitic ideology can be summarized into the following five categories:

  1. Jews are inferior to all other people
  2. Jews are Satan’s representatives and responsible for all evil in the world
  3. The evil of the Jews exists in their nature and in their genes and is not repairable. The bad Jewish character traits made it unbearable for other nations to live with them
  4. Allah punished the Jews through other peoples who fought them, including Hitler, but throughout history the Jews have not learned and have not changed or atoned for this


  1. The extermination of all Jews is necessary for the good of all humanity

The following hate-filled sermon, which was broadcast six weeks ago on official P.A. TV, includes all these elements:

Sheikh Osama Al-Tibi: “These are the Jews who haven’t changed throughout history. … These are the Jews who expose their fangswhenever they get the chance. They are causing devastating corruption throughout the land. … We must mention … the truth about these Jews, which Allah wrote in his book [the Quran] Among the Jews’ characteristics is that they have offended Allah. … They murdered the prophets. … They strove to kill Prophet [Muhammad]. … Another characteristic is that they are cursed, and they have been denied Allah’s mercy. … And among their vile characteristics is that they have breached contracts, conventions, and agreements. ‘So for their breaking of the covenant.  We cursed them’ [Koran]. ‘And made of them apes and pigs and slaves of Taghut’ [Quran]. These are the Jews… Always fighting, always corrupting, always scheming, and always plotting against humanity – not just against the Muslims, but rather against all humanity… And another characteristic is that Allah has imposed on them humiliation and misery. … So how did Allah curse them, the Jews at the time of Prophet [Muhammad], since these things [sins] were done by their ancestors? The [Koran] commentators explained: … these malignant genes and cursed characteristics continue in them. They transfer them—Allah save us—from generation to generation. They inherit it from father to son. … Humanity will never be able to live together with them. And that’s why, my brothers, even Europe, America, and others have spit them out, down to the last one. … Our prophet [Muhammad] informed us [that] at the end of time the Muslims will fight the Jews until the Jews hide behind a stone or a tree. … The tyranny of the Jews did not just reach humans, but also the inanimate objects and all creatures: ‘Until the Jews hide behind a stone or a tree, and the stone or a tree will say: ‘Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him’  Allah, strike your enemies, the enemies of the religion, count them and kill them one by one, and do not leave even one.” [Official P.A. TV, Dec. 14, 2018]

The following are additional examples from the last two years from PMW’s extensive archive of Antisemitic hate speech by P.A. leaders, including educators and clerics preaching on official P.A. TV. Some of the examples demonstrate that Palestinian children have been taught and have absorbed these harmful messages. The examples appear chronologically:

PLO official: “Jews … knew only to make money, trade, weave plots, corruption… The European nations and Russia were sick of them”

Explaining the reason for the creation of Israel, a PLO official repeated the anti-Semitic stance that Europe supported the idea in order to get rid of the Jews. (Nov. 4, 2018)

Europe was sick of the Jews and planned to get rid of them: PA explains the Balfour Declaration and European support for Zionism

Explaining to Palestinians why Europe helped create the state of Israel, P.A. Minister of Education Sabri Saidam posted a video produced by official P.A. TV, with a classic anti-Semitic explanation: “The old continent was sick of the behavior of the Jews at the time, and therefore it planned to get rid of them.” (Nov. 2, 2018)

Hitler was sent by Allah to punish the Jews (P.A. TV sermon)

A preacher on official PA TV, Masoud Rayyaan, a lecturer on Islamic Shari’a at Al-Quds Open University, taught that Hitler was one of a series of people sent by Allah throughout history to punish the Jews because of their evil behavior, and to teach them a lesson. However, the preacher taught in Friday’s sermon, in spite of all these punishments the Jews “have not learned from the events of history,” and continue their evil ways. (Oct. 19, 2018)

Jews “dance and live on the body parts of others” and are behind “global corruption,” says P.A. Islamic Judge on PA TV

A judge in the Palestinian Authority’s Islamic court system, taught that Jews “dance and live on the body parts of others, and on the blood of others,” and that “there is no global corruption that their rabbis did not allow.” The anti-Semitic Shari’ah Judge, Muhannad Abu Rumi, spouted this hatred on official P.A. TV. (Oct. 5, 2018)

Jews’ usury caused Antisemitism – speech by P.A. leader Abbas

Abbas exposed his antisemitic beliefs in a speech, claiming that the Jews brought Antisemitism upon themselves because of their “social roles” connected to “usury and banks.” He said it was this Jewish behavior that led to “massacres by some state every 10 to 15 years from the 11th century until the Holocaust.” (April 30, 2018)

Europe’s desire to get rid of remaining Jews after World War II made it support Zionism, says Abbas adviser

The antisemitic PA narrative that Zionism was a European scheme to get rid of the Jews, because Jews were damaging European society, was repeated by senior advisor of Abbas, Mahmoud Al-Habbash. (April 24, 2018)

We’ll take Jerusalem “if not peacefully then by force … Allah, drive out the Jews” – P.A. TV preacher

Preacher on official P.A. TV: “The Jews are an arrogant and tyrannical enemy, occupying Jerusalem and Palestine. … Allah willing, we will soon take what was taken from us, if not peacefully then by force.” (April 13, 2018)

Holocaust “was a lie,” “the Jews conspired with Hitler to create a gate to Palestine to bring the settlers,” say host on official P.A. TV and Palestinian political analyst (April 10, 2018)

Girl’s antisemitic poem on PA TV: “Jews defile Jerusalem”

A Palestinian girl recited a poem on P.A. TV that included antisemitic hate speech about Jews. The girl stated that Jews “defile Jerusalem and its great mosque.” (Dec. 15, 2017)

P.A. daily op-ed: Israel is a “colonialist investment project,” “Jews control the communications and media as well as the financial arteries of the large companies” (Nov. 16, 2017)

Jews are “wicked,” “oppressors,” and “evil” in rebroadcast of 1996 PA TV show

PA TV rebroadcast a scene defining Jews as “wicked,” “oppressors” and “evil,” during an interview with the Palestinian actor who played the role of one of the “evil” Jews in a 1996 P.A. TV show. Explaining why he was chosen to depict evil characters in films, such as this Jew, the actor, Sami Sattoum, explained: “Evil roles are always more difficult than the roles of good characters …” (Sept. 28, 30, 2017)

“With an axe, a knife, a gun, and a rifle I’ll kill you… I’ll cleanse my country of every Jew” – Song in Hebrew by unknown artist threatens Israelis (Sept. 1, 2017)

Fatah spokesman presents Protocols of the Elders of Zion as authentic document

A Fatah spokesman,  Osama Al-Qawasmi stated that The Protocolsinstructs “the Zionists” to create extreme Islamic religious streams in order to cause internal disputes among the Arabs to keep the Arab regimes occupied and prevent them from dealing with important issues like “arming [themselves] against the enemy.” (April 16, 2017)

Preacher at Al-Aqsa Mosque: “The Jews, who are the lowliest and most cowardly of Allah’s creatures” continue “torturing the prisoners. …  Allah, destroy all of the Jews” (May 6, 2017)

Fatah official: Jews are donkeys (March 21, 2017)

Abbas appoints Antisemitic P.A. TV Imad Hamato host as dean of Gaza Al-Azhar schools

Abbas endorsed Antisemitic hate speech against Jews when he met with and appointed Antisemitic PA TV host to lead system of schools. (Oct. 25, 2016 and March 6, 2017)

P.A. TV: Jews stole Kim Kardashian’s diamonds

An article in Israeli media on the arrest of 17 suspects in a jewelry heist noted that the brains behind the robbery in Paris were two Algerian immigrants. It further mentioned that her “”thieves.” (Jan 11, 2017)





  1. The world doesn’t like to believe that such genocidal, antisemitic hatred exists less than 75 years after the Holocaust ended.
    Do Bernie Sanders and the new Democratic House members who support BDS even care?


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