Palestinian Arabs Afraid Of The Parah Adumah

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A recent Channel 12 exposé has sparked controversy among Palestinian Arabs, as it claims that government ministries have provided funding for a project aimed at constructing the Third Bais Hamikdosh on the Har Habayis and reintroducing a parah adumah.

In an interview with the Hamas television channel “al-Aqsa,” Dr. Ahmad Shihab expressed his concerns, stating that bringing parah adumahs to Yerushalayim is a sign of the “fascist Israeli government” encouraging settlers to harm the al-Aqsa mosque. He believes that the Israeli government has ulterior motives, seeking to ignite a religious war in the region while settlers assert religious claims to justify their rights to the mosque.

The recent visit of Jewish individuals to the Har Habayis on Tisha B’av has been interpreted as an affront to the sanctity of the al-Aqsa mosque, leading Dr. Shihab to conclude that the settlers are actively working to “Judaize the mosque.”

The report has added tension to the already sensitive situation surrounding the Har Habayis.

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