Palestinian Authority Offers Bargain Hotels

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The “Hotels Combined Israel” hotel guide reported that many foreigners choose to stay in Palestinian hotels and hostels due to their bargain rates. Two nights in a PA luxury hotel rated at 9 points out of 10 cost only 999 shekels for two nights instead of 4,190 shekels for an equivalent hotel in Israel. With a trip to Arafat’s grave thrown in, who would turn down such a deal?

One such hotel is Ramallah’s five star 170-room M√∂venpickl Hotel housed in the PA’s highest building.

“Recently, the tourist industry is going through a revolution in the PA and offering international standards of accommodation,’ said Eyal Segal of Hotels Combined Israel. “Luxury hotels have prices ranging from 440 to 1180 shekels a night and attract many tourists.”

Segal added that apartments can be rented in Ramallah or Yericho for seventy shekels a night. Hostels are also cheaper than their counterparts in Israel.

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  1. I heard Priceline has a crazy special , a One Way Ticket to Ramallah for $99. I tried searching for an option for a Return but only One Way was available. I passed on the offer

  2. All jokes aside, even if guests receive a genuine 5-star experience their money is being used to finance the murder of Jews – soldiers, civilians, elderly, young, men, women and children.


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