Palestinian Authority Rebuilds Memorial For Terrorist Demolished By IDF


After IDF soldiers last Friday demolished a memorial in Jenin erected in honor of Palestinian terrorist Khalid Nazzal, Palestinian Authority (PA) activists built a new memorial stone at the same site the next day and constructed a second memorial for Nazzal in Ramallah.

Nazzal, a leader of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine terrorist group, was behind a 1974 terror attack in the Israeli town of Ma’alot that killed 22 children and three adults—one of the deadliest terror attacks in Israel’s history.

Nazzal was killed in 1986 in what Palestinians claim was a revenge killing initiated by Israel.

The initial memorial for Nazzal was erected last month by the PA, which also named a public square after the terrorist. Palestinian Media Watch, an organization that monitors Palestinian incitement, reported that Jenin Deputy Mayor Mahmoud Abu Mwais said at the memorial’s unveiling, “Our leadership and our people will continue on the path of the martyrs.”

PA activists said they restored the demolished memorial and built the second memorial “as a challenge to Israeli authorities.”


{Matzav Israel News}



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