Palestinian Caught With Stolen Property, Pesach Vouchers from Bnei Brak


bnei-brakA Palestinian in Israel illegally has been caught at a checkpoint with a laptop, three cell phones and Pesach gift vouchers worth 1,100 shekel ($297) in his possession.

During police questioning, he said he had stolen the property from a bakery in Bnei Brak which he had broken into during Pesach. He said he had worked there in the past and claimed that the owners had failed to pay wages that were owed to him.

{Yair Israel}


  1. “he was given an invitation from obama to steal from the jews in bnei beraq”

    That is probably the most pointless and stupid comment ever to be published on this site.

    Red Fox, or whatever his real name is, should be aware that has a far wider readership than he may realize. The damage his idiotic words may do for Klal Yisrael may be wide-reaching.

    Please think next time, Red Fox, and engage your brain before using your fingers on the keyboard.


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