Palestinian Girl ‘Neutralized’ After Attempted Stabbing Near Yerushalayim

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A Palestinian teenager was ‘neutralized’ by Israeli security forces after an alleged attempted stabbing attack at the al-Zaim checkpoint near Yerushalayim, Israeli police said Wednesday.

According to the police statement, “a female assailant arrived at the al-Zaim checkpoint and tried to stab one of the soldiers. A quick response by the other security forces led to the neutralization without casualties to security personnel.

The woman was later named as 16-year old Samah Zuhair Mubarak, an 11th grade student from Ramallah, whose family was originally from Gaza.



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  1. That happens, when one pulls a weapon on law enforcement, or the military. Good education, both at home and school, definitely added.

  2. What does “neutralize” mean? Why can’t they use plain language. If they killed her then say they killed her; if not then say what happened.

  3. Why does this headline sound like it came from BBC?? How about “After girl Attempts a Stabbing in Jerusalem she is shot dead!!”


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