Palestinian Indicted for Plotting Truck-Ramming Terror Attack in Central Israel


An indictment was filed against Palestinian man Muhammed Safaren on Monday for plotting a truck-ramming terror attack against Israeli soldiers.

The 40-year-old suspect from Ramallah had planned to use a truck to run over soldiers at a bus stop near a military base in central Israel.

On Oct. 19, the suspect stole a truck in the central Israeli city of Holon and began driving in the direction of the base. The owner of the truck noticed his vehicle being stolen, ran towards it and was nearly run over by Safaren.

The truck’s owner then called the police, who pursued the Palestinian suspect in a high-speed chase, which nearly resulted in several severe accidents on public roads. The suspect was eventually arrested by police after the truck broke down.

Safaren was charged with plotting a terror attack involving the murder of soldiers, endangering the lives of motorists on public roads, auto theft and entering illegally into Israel.





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