Palestinian Janitor Accused Of Assault Receives Flowers From School, Hopes To Go Back To Work

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Mahmoud Katusa, the janitor who had charges dropped against him after he was accused of assaulting a charedi girl, returned to his home and his family is convinced that he will soon return to work.

His brother, Anwar Katusa,told reporters that there was nothing to prevent his brother from returning to work where he had been employed for eight years, as soon as he recovers from his prolonged detention.

Several members of the school which employed Mahmoud Katusa sent him a bouquet of flowers with a kind letter attached to it.

“To the dear Katusa family, may you continue to be good people as you are, we are happy to hear of the release of Mahmud, he is a good and honest man,” reads the greeting note attached to the flower bouquet.



  1. Are they nuts??? He was released because the cops didn’t have enough evidence to go to trial. But are they willing to take the risk that he did actually do it, and put him back in the school with the children?


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