Palestinian Killed By Own Bomb In Attack On Police In East Jerusalem

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A Palestinian terrorist was killed while attempting to attack Israeli Border Police in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Abu Dis on Motzoei Shabbos when the bomb he was carrying apparently exploded prematurely.

Initial reports indicated that there were no casualties among the Israeli forces.

Earlier on Shabbos, a Border Police officer shot dead a Palestinian teenager who tried to stab him as he guarded the entrance to a West Bank settlement, as reported by Israel.

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  1. There is no such thing as bomb apparently exploded prematurely. I am assuming Matzav meant bomb was intended to explode and injure Israeli Border Police. End of story. It was Hashem’s plan that the bomb should never detonate. It went off exactly when Hashem planned! Chasdei Hashem there were no Jewish injuries.

  2. Stop using the lingo of our enemies: don’t call these squatters that poured in from the surounding Arab lands when Jews started returning in mass less than a hundred years ago, Palestinians, as that implies them to be around for thousands of years. In fact, before the creation of the state, it was the Jews of the land that were commonly referred to as Palestinians; Arabs went simply as Arabs. The application of the term of Palestinians to Arabs was started in the late 1960’s by the agent of the Soviet, European, American antisemites by the name of Arafat. These facts have to be constantly reminded to those with short attention spans, which are, unfortunately, the majority of human population.


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