Palestinian Leaders Want Jewish Doctors

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When Palestinian leaders need medical care, many reach out for care in Israel, reports Micah Halpern in the New York Observer.

PA President Mahmoud Abbas’ younger brother, Abu Louai, was recently treated in Assuta Hospital in Tel Aviv. Abu Louai, 76, suffers from cancer and lives in Qatar.

Last year Abbas’ brother-in-law was admitted to an Israeli medical facility to undergo heart surgery, and last June, Abbas’ wife had surgery in the same hospital.

The daughter of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh was admitted to Icholov Hospital in Tel Aviv after a routine operation went wrong and she required emergency treatment.

Haniyeh’s sister was treated in an Israeli hospital several years ago following an emergency, and his granddaughter was once airlifted by helicopter from Gaza to an Israeli hospital.

David Steger – Israel


  1. And why do we need to provide medical care to these murderers? There is nothing humanitarian in saving life of another hitler.

  2. The Zionists practive morality from a Sodom Omorra perspective. They put a Jewish soldier who kills a terrorist in jail but save the life of terrorist mishpacha.


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