Palestinian President Abbas In Hospital For Minor Surgery

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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, 82, is undergoing minor ear surgery in a West Bank hospital and is expected to be discharged within a few hours, the official Palestinian news agency Wafa said on Tuesday.

In February, Abbas was hospitalised in the United States for medical checks during a trip to address the UN Security Council in New York.

Read more at Channel News Asia.



    • theres always another one,,,, Lo Alainu V’Lo Alainu,, Amoleik Haman are plentiful we need to be Soimech only on Hakadosh Boruch Hu alone,,

  1. כן ירבו
    Besides, there are always ways to upgrade a minor surgery into a major one, with unforeseen complications.

    • Don’t laugh. Israel is already sending medical supply to Gaza to cure the terrorists who were wounded yesterday. MESHUGENE ZIONISTS!

  2. Thank you sooo much for this information.
    I’m sure this human trash is being given the best medical treatment available in the State of Israel.


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