Palestinian Rams Through Israeli Airport Entry, Arrested

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i24 News – A Palestinian man rammed a stolen vehicle through an entry to Israel’s main airport, Ben Gurion, early this morning, according to the Israel Airports Authority.

Ben Gurion Airport, located in the center of the country, is considered one of the world’s most heavily guarded and secure airports.

The driver approached the airport around 1:15 a.m. from outside Tel Aviv, driving a car stolen from the center city of Bat Yam. The security guards at the gate activated the stop barriers and the driver continued towards the northern gate in the central city of Petah Tikva.

Security fired a single bullet at the suspect, who fled the scene.

Those traveling through the airport were escorted to a more secure area as the search for the man began, and the airport was put on lockdown when the man was on the run.

The vehicle was located near a gas station inside the Ben Gurion complex, close to the barrier, and the driver was later found and captured.

The driver, resident of the West Bank’s Ramallah in his 30s, was handed over to Israel Police for interrogation as the circumstances behind the incident are being examined. The suspect will be brought to a hearing at the High Court with a request to extend his detention Thursday morning.

No flights were delayed or canceled due to the intrusion, according to the IAA. While reports noted possible delays Thursday morning, the IAA stated that no such delays would take place.

The head of the IAA, Hagi Topolanski, applauded security forces for their swift action before adding, “We will also conduct an operational investigation for the purpose of learning lessons.”


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