Palestinian Terrorist Group Graduates Its First Class from New Academy

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palestinian-terroristsThe Popular Resistance Committee, a terrorist group in the Gaza Strip, runs an academy where terrorists learn how to fight Israel. This past week, its first class graduated.

The PRC, along with Hamas and Islamic Jihad, tries to enlist and train as many terrorists as they can in order to be able to fire rockets into Israel and fight the Israel Defense Forces. The PRC has established the Shahid Imad Hamad Academy of Military Training for this purpose. This week, the first class graduated from the academy.

According to Abu Suhaib, a senior PRC member, the educational program includes physical training, the use of antitank missiles and military and defense studies. The students were also taught religious values, “so they can confront the Zionist enemy with complete faith in the triumph of God,” Suhaib said.

He also mentioned that the PRC aims to train as many new members as possible, so these can follow the path of former PRC members who “sacrificed their lives.”

The issue of mass training of terrorist group members in Gaza is not new. Every year, Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, runs a summer camp for Gazan children. In the camp, kids are indoctrinated with Hamas’ violent and hateful ideology.
Children practicing shooting in Hamas’ summer camps in 2011

Boys learn about Islam and are told to fight Israel in order to “liberate Palestine”, along with learning how to shoot at a target using a pellet gun.

Source: IDF BLOG

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  1. When is the exam session? I advise the final exam should consist in wearing a suicide belt and activating it. The academy has to make sure the militants are properly trained, lest they look like fools when their explosive device fizzles miserably.


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