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Palestinians Burn Trump In Effigy In Protest Against Bahrain Conference

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Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah movement is publishing numerous photos of Palestinian demonstrations against the U.S-led “Peace to Prosperity” conference currently taking place in Bahrain. The demonstrations, slogans and posters, as well as Fatah’s coverage of the protests, all emphasize Palestinian hate towards U.S. President donald Trump, the United States and Israel, as well as the Palestinian rejection of Trump’s Middle East peace plan and the Bahrain conference.

At a demonstration organized by the PLO in Bethlehem, at which Bethlehem District Governor Kamel Hamid was present and gave a speech, Palestinians hung an effigy of Trump and later burned it.


Fatah also posted on its official Facebook page a cartoon portraying participants in the Bahrain conference as stabbing “Palestine” in the back.

The cartoon shows a man holding a knife and preparing to stab a woman—”Palestine”—in the back. The woman’s head covering appears to be in the shape of the P.A. map of “Palestine” that includes all of Israel. A hand is holding out a sack of dollars to the man with the knife.

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  1. Cold world dance. The palestinian wants to make sure the whole planet knows his crazy worth is a drama.

    And who could ask forgiveness he find his own clop of war. The clop today loses the wage. A willing day can see that our worth is higher.

    Clop clop stop. A war to a prophetic wage just the effigy its planet joke.

    Trump has it fully under his state control.

  2. That’s what President Trump gets for trying to make their economy better because he doesn’t understand the mentality of Arabs that they’re Pereh Adam, human beasts, pshuto kemashma’o.


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