Palestinians Campaign to Regain “Occupied” Latrun

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saeb-erekatIn recent days the Palestine Liberation Organization’s Negotiations Affairs Department, headed by Saeb Erekat, launched a campaign under the headline “The Latrun Valley – an Integral Part of the State of Palestine.” Israel annexed the Latrun salient, through which part of the main Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway runs, soon after the Six-Day War. Erekat marked the anniversary of the war on Tuesday by taking journalists and diplomats to the site.

One Israeli official was stunned by the Palestinian campaign over Latrun, saying: “It’s almost as if every time we move forward, or every time there is a prospect of moving forward, the Palestinians bring up an issue which they know is a game breaker.” The Palestinian decision to make this an issue “raises concerns as to their seriousness.”

All peace plans have always put Latrun inside Israel, the official said. “No Israeli government, no Israeli prime minister, can seriously entertain that this area would be going to the Palestinians.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Why bother. Annex Shomron and Yehuda (the “West Bank”) and let the chips fall wherever they may. No foreign nation protested from 1948 to 1967 while the Jordan was in charge and no Jew was permitted to enter. They held their peace then, let them hold their peace now. Let them give back the thousands of Jewish lives that were martyred in the wars that they began. They had their chance in 1947. They chose to go to war. they lost. It’s over. period. End of story. Their energies can now be invested in them killing each other. Something they’re doing all the time, anyway.


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