Palestinians Demand That US Ambassador to Israel Be Put on International Terror List


The Palestinian Authority demanded on Thursday that US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman be added to a “global terror list,” a ramping up of condemnation against the American diplomat just days after PA leader Mahmoud Abbas bashed him as a “son of a dog” and a “settler.”

The Palestinian Authority Ministry of Information called for Friedman to be placed on an international terror list “for violating international law, supporting terrorism, and promoting ethnic cleansing and black racism in a report titled “Friedman, the Ambassador of Settlements and Lawyer of Extremism.”

The particular list the Palestinians intended was not made clear.

Friedman criticized the PA for failing to condemn two terror attacks that killed three Israelis.

Abbas responded with a scathing attack on the ambassador. After deriding US President Donald Trump for recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and saying he “views the settlements as legitimate,” Abbas continued with “more than one official has said that. The ambassador, David Friedman, said they’re building on their own land. You son of a dog, building on their own land?! You are a settler and your family are settlers!”

Friedman, at an antisemitism conference in Jerusalem, quoted the insult using the term “son of a bitch,” and asked “antisemitism or political discourse? I leave this up to you.”

The State Department called Abbas’s comments “outrageous and unhelpful.”




  1. What a disgrace! The world ought excommunicate this excrement or at least place him on that very list and try him in the Hague and yet he’s free to publicly disgrace a heroic and peace-loving individual. This guy encourages and even supports terrorists and their families with financing, withholds the bodies of our fallen heros, lauds terrorism and he can go unchecked when he makes statements like that??? Where is the world outcry.That just shows how nuts the world has come! How low the nations have fallen.

  2. Terrorists asking someone seeking peace to be put on a terrorist list.

    It would be funny if the anti-Semitic world wouldn’t be going a long with it.

    When will the US stand up and disassociate itself with these irrational entities?


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