Palestinians in Gaza Fire Over 140 Rockets at Israel Since Shabbos

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rocketPalestinians in Gaza have fired more than 140 rockets at Israel since Shabbos. The rocket barrage began after Palestinians attacked an IDF jeep near the border with Gaza with an anti-tank missile, wounding four soldiers. The IDF responded with shelling that killed four Palestinians.

Prime Minister Bibi  Netanyahu said Sunday that the IDF will respond aggressively to any attacks by Palestinians in Gaza.
In response to ongoing rocket fire from Gaza, which has left eight Israelis wounded since Shabbos – four soldiers and four civilians – Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Sunday: “This isn’t North America or Western Europe; it is a place where weakness is not looked at with mercy….Keeping our eyes peeled, we need to dish out hits when necessary, and sometimes take a few. That’s how it is in the ring. We do not expect our neighbors to disappear and they are not going to become Dutch or Belgian any time soon.” “The main fight is on the [Gaza] border fence….Israel will not allow them [terrorists] to try to change the rules.”

The Jerusalem Post reports that Sderot resident Amir Ben-Abu, 38, said Sunday that a few hours earlier his wife had called him in shock. She was frozen in her car on the side of the road, moments after shrapnel from a Kassam rocket crashed into the car in front of her, moderately wounding the driver, Moshik Levy, and his wife. “Things like this ruin your life. Every time my son hears a ‘Code Red’ [rocket siren] it takes years off my life,” he said.

Sha’ar Hanegev resident Varda Goldstein, reports the Post, described leaving her house for work in the morning when the Code Red alarm went off, and heading back seconds before a rocket hit outside her neighbor’s home. “I heard the Code Red and I went back into the safe room and heard the sound of the rocket going overhead and then heard windows exploding and felt the shockwave,” Goldstein said. “Tell me, what country in the world would be willing to live like this, to let their grandchildren live like this, that their children are born into a reality of war, 12-year-old children who never lived in peacetime?” she asked.

Yossi Peretz, 32, of Sderot, said: “I’m used to the fire, but this morning when I had to lie on top of my seven-year-old daughter to protect her during an alert, I felt fear and I can’t take a little girl trembling on her way to school.”

{ Israel News Bureau}



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