Palestinians in Gaza Threaten Israel, Ahead of ‘Nakba Day’ Riots Hamas Hopes Will Draw 100,000 to Border


Ahead of “Nakba Day,” Palestinians in the Gaza Strip published a video on Sunday calling on Jews to leave Israel by midnight, the Hebrew news site Mako reported.

“This is the last caution, you have been warned,” the narrator of the video said.

The narrator threatened, “Your entity’s army can’t protect you. Your men will be collected by the war crimes court in The Hague. Your women and children will be put in refugee camps under UN control. Your money and property will be confiscated to compensate the refugees and the immigrants.”

The publication of this video came as Israel entered a tense week full of sensitive events, including the opening of the American Embassy in Jerusalem on Monday and “Nakba Day” — when Palestinians mark Israel’s 1948 establishment as a “catastrophe” — on Tuesday.

The Hamas terrorist group is hoping that 100,000 rioters will turn out on Tuesday and breach the Israel-Gaza Strip border. Several dozen rioters, taking part in violence orchestrated by Hamas, which rules Gaza, have been killed on the border in recent weeks by Israeli forces.

The IDF is on high alert and ready for numerous potential scenarios as the week progresses. Three brigades have halted training exercises and been deployed to the Gaza border area and the West Bank.

Meanwhile, Hamas politburo chief Ismail Haniyeh and other top officials from the group traveled to Cairo on Sunday via the Rafah border crossing, Palestinian media outlets reported.

The media reports said Egypt was pressuring Hamas to prevent rioters from trying to breach the border with Israel on Tuesday.

by Algemeiner Staff



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