Palestinians to Seek Full UN Membership, Join Dozens of International Groups

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Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas said Monday that the Palestinians will seek full membership in the United Nations and join dozens of additional international organizations in response to the recent US policy changes on Yerushalayim. The Israeli government opposes unilateral Palestinian attempts to join international bodies outside of the context of a final status agreement between the parties.


Abbas threatened that the Palestinians would apply for membership in all 522 official international organizations, beginning with 22 that would be announced on Tuesday.




  1. Just curious! is it a legitimate country with legitimate borders and a legitimately elected government? Haven’t they been deen declared an organization – a terrorist organization! So what merit do they have to join the league of nations! Oh, I got it! The UN is also illegitimate!

  2. Makes more sense for the Palestinians to be in the UN Arab or pro-Arab organization than for the US. Hopefully Trump will pull out of the United Nothings soon.


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