Palin: ‘Defaulting On Our National Debt Is An Impeachable Offense’

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palinFormer Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin believes President Barack Obama should be impeached if he raises the debt ceiling without the backing of Congress.

In a Facebook post, Palin said Obama is “scaremongering the markets” on the prospect of default if the nation’s borrowing limit doesn’t rise by Oct. 17.

“Defaulting on our national debt is an impeachable offense, and any attempt by President Obama to unilaterally raise the debt limit without Congress is also an impeachable offense,” Palin said. “A default would also be a shameful lack of leadership, just as mindlessly increasing our debt without trying to rein in spending is a betrayal of our children and grandchildren who will be stuck with the bill.” Read more at CBS WASHINGTON.

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  1. Sarah Palin is the exact opposite of Obama. I, too, would not hesitate to vote for her as President.

    The media hates her, the President hates her, and the Democrat elitists hate her. That alone should indicate that Sarah Palin is a formidable opposition to the tyranny, reckless government spending, and abuse of power of Obama and his henchmen. It is no wonder that it is Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi that say such filthy things against Sarah Palin and what she stands for. Do you know why? Because Sarah Palin is the left-wing’s biggest nightmare.

    Sarah Palin would never close impose the government’s will on its people. Sarah Palin would never wag her finger at her fellow Americans and lecture them superciliously. Sarah Palin would never tyrannically dispatch IRS agents, or other arms of the government against her fellow Americans to force her will upon them like Obama does.

    How America is allowing itself to be subjugated under Obama leftism is beyond me. Maybe Moshiach is closer than we may think!

  2. I know she would carry Williamsburgh , Crown Heights, and Burrough Park along with Anchorage Alaska if she ran for President. Of course the rest of the country…..

  3. She is right. Impeach all the Republicans who refuse to even VOTE on a bill to increase the debt ceiling. Who are also the same Republicans who would increase the deficit by repealing the Affordable Care Act and the Medical Device Tax.

  4. Let’s follow her logic. If President Obama unilaterally raises the debt limit so that the United States is not in default he can be impeached. If we don’t raise the debt limit the United States will default and Obama should be impeached. I am sure she feels as if she should be the judge and the jury in his impending trial.


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