Palin Hits Obama on ‘Special Olympics’ Joke

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obama1Gov. Sarah Palin responded to remarks made Thursday night by President Obama related to the Special Olympics on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” as reported here.
“I was shocked to learn of the comment made by President Obama about Special Olympics,” Governor Palin said. “This was a degrading remark about our world’s most precious and unique people, coming from the most powerful position in the world.”These athletes overcome more challenges, discrimination and adversity than most of us ever will. By the way, these athletes can outperform many of us and we should be proud of them. I hope President Obama’s comments do not reflect how he truly feels about the special needs community.”

Well, after the way his allies went after her, he really couldn’t count on a full-throated defense of a boneheaded comment. Obama used the whole “it’s just a joke” excuse with his “lipstick on a pig” comment, too.

{NRO/ Newscenter}


  1. Hussein Obama is a cold, heartless Chicago politician. His partying at night in the White House with low-lifes, his attempt to make our wounded war veterans pay for thi own medical treatment, his spurious “outrage’ at AIG bonuses in which he and his crew are complicit – and on and on – show us what a low-class egomaniac he is. Of course he would mock the Special Olympics. That would also be consistent with his Moslem affiliation.
    His choice: resign or be impeached. I prefer impeachment: it will take enough time for the 2010 elections to change the Congress, get rid of Pelosi, and provide a sane Speaker of the House for succession.

  2. What kind of president goes on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Seriously when Obama was a candidate, fine, but now he’s president! Thats very shameful, and so is his comment. BTW, he’s the first president to use a teleprompter – simply pathetic!

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