Palin Tells Obama to Apologize to the 15 Million Jobless Americans


palin1Sarah Palin tells Barack Obama to apologize to the 15 million jobless Americans, Americans who are jobless largely due to his policies. At a rally to get Republicans to come out to vote in the less-than-two-weeks-away midterms, Palin used an effective mixture of cold, hard facts and well-placed humor to cut down Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and anything Democrat-affiliated. Her fiery speech at the Marriott World Center in Orlando was intended to mobilize GOP party officials, activists and volunteers to go out and canvass local, Florida neighborhoods for the November elections. Unlike the amnesty-supporting Democrats in Washington State, however, you can bet your top dollar that none of the GOP volunteers whom Palin was firing up were illegal immigrants (Take that, Patty Murray!).While a bunch of other Republicans were on tap also to treat the GOP activist crowd-such as Tea Party-backed Marco Rubio and even that unreliable “conservative,” Chairman Michael Steele-Palin was the clear-cut favorite whom the GOP faithful came out to see. Speaking to a crowd of about 1000 supporters, Palin tore into Obama, correctly blaming him for the millions upon millions of Americans-15 million, to be exact, if you count all those poor, unfortunate souls who have become too discouraged to look for a job-who now can’t find a job in this pathetic era of “hope and change” that Obama promised them. Setting up her demand for Obama to apologize to said Americans perfectly, Palin first cited Obama’s insecure and deferential obsession with apologizing. That is, apologizing to “all the wrong people,” as Palin so succinctly put it, those being the foreign enemies, the Arab world, and, probably, some terrorists along the way, too, in his Apology-palooza.

Then, she punctuated her setup successfully, lecturing Obama on the need to instead apologize to the 15 million jobless Americans. You know, all those people in the US who haven’t been helped by that load of BS called “shovel-ready projects,” that was the main platform in Obama’s hoax of a “stimulus” package, which has only driven up both the unemployment rate as well as the deficit (Good going, Mr. President!).

Palin did well by focusing on the economic disaster in the US and the ensuing, high unemployment rate, as polls still continue to show that many Americans care about the economy in this election season.


  1. you can’t apologize to the ones who have had G-d forbid….nervous breakdowns, even suicide, and the little children of these people.
    He should apologize and then pray.


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