Palin: Trump Should’ve Been More Conservative in Iowa

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Donald Trump lost the Republican Iowa caucuses because he didn’t show enough of his conservatism for voters, or so says his star endorser Sarah Palin.

In an interview today with Yahoo News, the fellow reality-TV star assessed the damage and said, “I think [Trump] just had to have seen more of his conservative side out, because Iowa’s so good and conservative.”

The former Alaska governor was confident, however, that her man will fare well in next week’s New Hampshire primary. Read more at Yahoo News.



  1. Can you please, once and for all, clarify your policy regarding pictures of women? Why do we have to see Sarah Palin or even Hillary Clinton on what purports to be a Torah true website? Matzav is far and away the most appropriate site a Ben Torah might refer to for news. Why compromise this status with tyese pictures that add nothing to the story? I would suggest even using a carton picture instead of a photograph but no picture at all would be best.

  2. If you define conservative as believing that smaller government is better than bigger government, then Bernie Sanders is more conservative than Donald Trump!


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