Palin Warns America: Kicking God Out of Society Will Lead To Ruin

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godIn a sit-down interview with The Brody File, Sarah Palin addressed those who are offended by religious displays during the holiday season.

Palin says the real battle is with those who want to remove God out of the public square completely. “This war on X-mas is really the tip of the spear when it comes to a greater battle that’s brewing and that battle that’s brewing is those who would want to take God out of our society, out of our culture which will lead to ruin as history has proven, Palin tells The Brody File. “Any country, any government society that has kicked God out of the public square completely, it leads to ruin. Why would we go down that path when we know what would happen?”

The Brody File interviewed Palin in New York City Monday afternoon. Her new book comes out this week. It’s called, “Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of X-mas.”


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  1. Memories are still fresh. And if that were not enough, see what happens in Eretz Israel, where those well-funded lowlifes proselitize.

  2. I don’t think you have to worry about kicking G-d out of society. I think you have to worry about Hashem kicking you out of society.

  3. I am not at all ashamed to say Sarah Palin is spot on!

    She speaks for Americans who value freedom, liberty, family, and G-d in their lives. Sarah Palin is a SOLID friend of Israel and the Jewish people.

    Why not quote Sarah Palin? The mainstream media has sullied her reputation as an eloquent spokesperson. This is because she represents real feminism — not the leftist “mannish” type of “feminism” — and the leftwing media hates this.

    True she has a soap opera with some of her personal family life. Nevertheless, Sarah Palin is proud to stand for the family values we have always held dear.

    Left wing Americans that are into single-motherhood, gay “marriage”, and similar ideas cannot stand Sarah Palin because she represents a big threat to these “alternate” family lifestyles.

    We should be PROUD of our community to “quote this lady”. Go Sarah!!


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