Pandemic Poses Mental Health Crisis for Parents


As the pandemic plods along, experts say that parents with small children are under severe psychological stress with no relief in sight. Research from the American Psychological Association concludes that American parents are feeling “significantly higher levels of stress than adults without children.” The negative mental health effects of the coronavirus “will be serious and long-lasting,” says the APA.

High stress related to the coronavirus is the “new normal” for many parents, according to Science Daily.

According to The New York Times, data from the University of Oregon shows that, in particular, parents with children under 5 are the most stressed. Similarly, another study from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education found that 61% of Massachusetts parents with youngsters aged 5, 6 and 7 years of age said they felt “nervous, anxious, or on edge” because of the pandemic. Most parents said they had high levels of overall stress and anxiety.

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