Parents of Shmuel Gellis z”l Celebrate Birth of Baby Boy

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This past summer, Shmuel Gellis z”l, the adorable 4-year-old son of R’ Moshe and Batsheva Gellis of Toms River, NJ, was killed upon being struck by an ice cream truck in the Catskills.

The tragedy struck the Lakewood, NJ, community and beyond deeply.

This past week, Moshe and Batsheva celebrated the birth of a baby boy, a little over four months since Shmuel’s passing.

The vach nacht was held last night at the Gellis home. The bris was held this morning at Estreia Hall in Lakewood.

May the rach hanimol bring Moshe and Batsheva, and his grandparents, Meir and Yitty Gellis and Mordechai and Rivka Gottlieb much Yiddishe nachas, and may they all know only simcha and brocha going forward.




  1. Correction, bris was held in zichron schneur cause baby had slight pink eye night befor and was decided to wait until afternoon . Bh when took place big olam came to celebrate the beautiful simcha auf simchos !


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