Park Slope Food Co-Op Abandons Vote On Banning Israeli Products

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park-slope-food-coopAbout 1,800 members of an influential Brooklyn food co-op crammed into a school auditorium on Tuesday night and turned down holding a referendum to ban Israeli products, in a gesture to protest Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.

The members of the 39-year-old Park Slope Food Co-op crammed into Brooklyn Tech in Fort Greene for a heated meeting with much debate.

The member-owned organization only carries about a half-dozen Israeli products, including paprika, vegan marshmallows and seltzer.

Some said the move for the ban on Israel was based on hatred, but supporters denied that charge.

The co-op currently bans Coca-Cola products and a local hummus maker’s goods over labor complaints.

Many disagreed over whether the coop is the right forum for an international issue, but others said having the debate was healthy.

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  1. May the Coop go bankrupt & the owners be put out of business! Liberalism needs to be defeated on all front’s! Who cares about that stupid store anyway? They could dissapear off the face of the earth & the world will go on!


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