Parking Fines Kill Bnei Brak Business


Dozens of kiosk shops at the entrance to Bnei Brak are complaining that new parking restrictions enforced by 20 spy cameras are killing their businesses.

With a parking limit of 119 seconds and automatic, non-appealable $75 fines, customers are afraid to stop and shop at the Coca Cola junction or quickly buy a snack as they have done for decades.

Blaming the prevalence of intercity busses passing through Bnei Brak as the real cause of the street’s congestion, one kiosk owner said he notified his landlord that he will probably be closing shop after 21 years.

{ Israel}


  1. Moshiach is coming soon and since Eretz Yisroel will expand, suddenly there will be more room. Another reason to do teshuvah, rabbosai (and self).


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