Parkland Shooter Blamed Demon In His Head For School Massacre

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Mass shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz said a demon in his head told him to burn, kill and destroy “anything” before he allegedly killed 17 people at a Florida high school, transcripts of a police interview revealed Monday.

Cruz, 19, described to Broward County Sheriff’s Detective John Curcio a male voice inside his head that he called “the evil side.” Curcio asked Cruz what this voice told him.

“Burn. Kill. Destroy,” Cruz responded. The suspect said he was in constant battle with “the voice.” “The voice is in here,” Cruz said, pointing to his head. “And then it’s me. It’s just regular me trying to be a good person.”

Cruz said the voice urged him to shoot people at a park a week or two before the Feb. 14 assault on Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland.


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  1. That’s why they have capital punishment in Florida.
    To deter people from listening to the demons in their head.
    You listen to them, and do a capital crime, the law will kill the demon in you (and you for listening to him).

    • Did not deter this person, who seems to me genuinely sick. Anyway I doubt his demon will again have access to firearms.

    • Capital punishment should be given to the one who gave Cruz MK Ultra drug cocktail to confess whatever they want and fabricating lies to the public when there’s plenty of evidence of his innocence. Shame on those who keep promoting Fake News.

  2. Yeh, that’s what Son of Sam said as well. Not a strong excuse.
    Why is the accessory to murder, Scot Peterson allowed to live as a free man and collect his pension from the taxpayers he refused to protect???!


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