Parkland Shooter Was Searched For Weapons Every Morning Before School

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Confessed Parkland mass-murderer Nikolas Cruz posed such a threat to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that he had to be searched for weapons every morning he was enrolled there, a school security guard said in new testimony.

Cruz, who killed 17 people in a Valentine’s Day shooting rampage at Stoneman Douglas last year, had previously been subjected to the searches — and barred from wearing a backpack on the Florida campus — because he talked about suicide and wrote “kill” in a notebook, according to the testimony by Kelvin Greenleaf, who was tasked with searching Cruz.

“I think we got concerned when, I think, we found out he drank bleach, tried to hurt himself or something like that, the kid. That’s when we started, like, having the kid come in every morning to be searched by me, but never found a weapon on the kid, never,” Greenleaf said in July 11 testimony, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported.

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  1. Greenleaf sounds about as intelligent as a shoe horn. Couple him with the idiot deputy and you know why nothing was done to prevent the shooting.

  2. Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz searched for weapons every morning and was found walking outside together with a classmate on their way out when the shooting occurred, as per witnesses who were then murdered. Poor kid has to be the scapegoat for the Deep State. Hope these SWAT Team murderers will be sentenced to death for their murder of 17 people and Cruz will be freed.

  3. Look how they doped him up to get the answers they want.
    How much longer will the Left, the sitra achra, destroyers of humanity, be allowed to roam the streets?

  4. Thank you, Matzav readers for the conspiracy theories.

    But you’ve got it wrong.

    It was Big Pharma.

    And they did it so they can cover up just how dangerous vaccines are.

    Doesn’t make sense?

    Well, how do you KNOW it’s not true?

    Or maybe Cruz DID do it, but it was because of vaccines.
    Nicholas Cruz was 100% normal — until he got vaccinated.
    ANd look what he became!

    Anyway, for sure it all comes down to vaccines.
    Thanks for the opportunity to post random conspiracy theories, Matzav.

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