Participants in Coronavirus Vaccine Trials Report Fever, Exhaustion

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The participants taking part in phase 3 clinical trials for the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine candidates are reporting troublesome side effects such as fever, headaches, and exhaustion after receiving the drugs. While the symptoms were at times intense, the study subjects said they went away after a day.

According to CNBC, phase 3 clinical trials are the critical last step in determining the safety of a potential COVID-19 vaccine, and the study participants said the discomfort was worth the price of protection against the virus. One trial participant testing Pfizer’s drug woke up shaking so hard he cracked a tooth, according to CNBC.

Moderna and Pfizer both acknowledged in a preprint study that their vaccine could cause symptoms similar to COVID-19. The potential side effects include muscle aches, chills, and headaches, according to CNBC. Several drug companies have adjusted their higher doses in response to severe reactions to the drugs from study participants.

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  1. It is also possible that these side effects could be in the comparison population who did not receive the experimental vaccine. We won’t know for some time. HaShem please give us patience, and the willingness to subdue our egos and follow the precautions we need to follow including mask wearing and social distancing.

  2. I hope children don’t have such severe symptoms from this! A cracked tooth sounds pretty severe. Who would want their child to Crack a tooth for something that doesn’t really affect them.

  3. This vaccine is only being tested in healthy people over the age of 18. Children, pregnant women, those with cardiac and respiratory and immune disorders are not being tested. How do we know how these groups would react to a vaccine that is using new technology?

    • Would it be any better they get infected with the virus? But of course they are safe. Who would your pregnant wife and young children catch the virus from? That’s right, they only meet you.


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