‘PA’s Life Sentence For Selling To Jew Epitome Of Anti-Semitism’


The National Council of Young Israel on Monday criticized the life sentence given to a dual Palestinian American citizen accused of trying to sell land in eastern Jerusalem to a Jewish buyer.

Issam Akel, who has been held by the Palestinian Authority (PA) since his arrest in October, was sentenced by a PA court to life in prison with hard labor after being convicted of “attempting to sever parts of Palestinian land and annex it to a foreign state.” The PA considers it illegal for a Palestinian Arab to sell land to Jews.

“The conviction and life sentence of a Palestinian American for allegedly trying to sell land to a Jewish buyer underscores the Palestinian Authority’s racist and reprehensible policies directed toward Jews,” said NCYI President Farley Weiss. “The prohibition against selling real estate to Jews is the epitome of anti-Semitism and the embodiment of outright bigotry.”
Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. And the American Department of State is mum. So is the American media! Contrast this to the outrage over the Kahshoggi killing.

  2. L’havdil, there is a prohibition for Jews to sell or give away land of Eretz Yisroel because all of Eretz Ysroel belonhs to the Jewish people. This Arab was only acknowledging that truth.
    “When Abraham first entered the Land of Canaan, G-d promised him, “I will give this land to your descendants.[1]” At that time the Land of Israel became the eternal heritage of the Jewish people, their land for all time. Even during the years of our people’s exile, Eretz Yisrael remains our land, as reflected in the prayer we recite three times each day: “Gather us together from the four corners of the earth to our land. (from truepeace.org)”


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