Pastor: Islam is Not and Has Never Been a Religion of Peace


pastor-bill-kellerThe fight over a proposed mosque near Ground Zero veered into fire-and-brimstone territory today as a Florida preacher declared that Muslims will burn.

“Muslims are going to [pergatory]; we need to save them,” said pastor Bill Keller to a crowd of about 40 people at the New York Marriott Downtown, which overlooks Ground Zero.

Keller says he is raising funds to create a permanent 9/11 Christian Center to counter what he calls the “victory mosque,” a few blocks from the site.

“Islam is not and has never been a religion of peace,” he said. “How could you build bridges with people who ask their Muslim brothers to fly a plane into the Twin Towers and killed thousands of innocent people.”

Sparing no other faith the rod, Keller blasted Mormons, Hindus, pro-choice supporters and those who follow a toeivah lifestyle.

“All we’re trying to do is teach people the only truth there is,” he said, “Forty years ago, no one would call me controversial,” he said.

Many of those gathered to hear Keller speak came from out of town, but there were some New Yorkers in attendance.

“Without God I wouldn’t have been able to get through 9/11,” said Vincent Foras, a volunteer firefighter from Queens.

Others opposed to Park51 project have dismissed the Muslim-bashing preacher saying he allows mosque-supporters to too easily dismiss them as bigoted and racist.

The controversial project has become a national hot-button issue, and even in New York, 70 percent of residents have expressed opposition to its location, polls show.

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  1. Its not gonna help this preacher to beat the muslim revolution, the only solution is to encourage people to have more children, the muslims are growing in numbers at an alarming rate through fertility and converting and the only way for the western non muslim countries to stop this trend is to stop the ridiculous policy of having 2 children and a dog, how could you beat the muslims who have upon average 8-10 children?

  2. Although some who are vehmently opposed to the mosque may applaud this preacher, please be on gaurd.
    A man such as this most likely despises all who do not agree with him. Even though he is against abbortion and toeivah so some might call him “moral,” but hey so was Hitler.
    A man who has no tolerance for difference (Mormons, Hindus, probably Jews too, and the list goes on) does not deserve our support.


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