Patrick Leahy, Longest Serving Member of Senate, Rushed to Hospital

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Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy was taken to hospital overnight after he was “not feeling well,” his office said in a statement. The 82-year-old Democrat—who is the longest currently serving member of the Senate—was hospitalized in Washington, D.C., “for tests, as a precaution,” his office added. His doctors recommended that he stay at the facility overnight.

Leahy is set to retire at the end of the year following eight terms in the Senate after first being elected in 1974. His career has seen him appointed as the chair of the Appropriations Committee and Senate pro tempore—a role which makes him third in the line of presidential succession. Leahy broke his hip in a fall earlier this year and he was briefly hospitalized in 2021. Read more at Politico.


  1. So we have democrat Senators Leahy and Fienstein completely incompetent and useless but they would NEVER EVER retire. That will somehow someway give a “victory” to those evil racist Republicans. Only loser Rino Republicans ever retire.

    • The system is not broken. It’s the fake news media propaganda that has you believe in these fairytales. On Nov 9, 2019 President Trump stated: “I caught the swamp. I caught them all.” I’m sure he’s included in the swamp that was taken care of several years ago, like all the other high-ranking criminals, including Feinstein, and this report is just to keep his name alive.

      • Trump only deepened the swamp. He lied to us and never revealed to us what REALLY HAPPENED on 9/11 and who REALLY shot JFK. Trump is just as phony as the rest of the liberal maniacs.

  2. with old people it almost always starts with a broken hip and then BOOM!!
    I cant stand it when they doctors recommend he stay over night! he’s an alte kaker that got rushed to the hospital just say it as it is!!


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