Paul Calls Christie ‘King of Bacon’


rand-paul1Is that supposed to be a fat joke?

Rumored 2016 presidential hopeful Sen. Rand Paul threw the latest punch in the ongoing feud with another possible Republican contender, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

“This is the king of bacon talking about bacon,” Paul said on CNN’s The Situation Room, responding to earlier allegations from Christie that the Kentucky lawmaker benefited from pork-barrel spending and would fund relief efforts for his own state while denying New Jersey recovery funds for Hurricane Sandy.

Referring to Christie’s recovery package, Paul said, “Governor Christie and others have been part of this ‘gimme gimme gimme, give me all this money.'” Read more at CNN.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Senator Paul is correct.

    Christie is going to find out that he is similar to Rudy Giuliani: a very popular “local” politician who doesn’t stand a chance outside of the Northeast.


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