Paul Ryan: Obama Threatens ‘Judeo-Christian Values’


paul-ryan1In a telephone call with evangelical voters Sunday night, U.S. Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan told potential voters that President Barack Obama’s path for the United States compromises Judeo-Christian values.

The comment came during the final sprint for the U.S. election on Tuesday.

Speaking to the Faith and Freedom Coalition, a leading group of Christian conservatives, Ryan attacked Obama’s vision in stark terms.

In the campaign’s last week, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and Ryan, his running mate, have argued that if elected, they would end partisan divisiveness and work with Democrats to find solutions in Washington.

“It’s a dangerous path,” Ryan said of Obama’s plan for the United States. “It’s a path that grows government, restricts freedom and liberty, and compromises those values, those Judeo-Christian, Western civilization values that made us such a great and exceptional nation in the first place.”

Routinely on the stump, Ryan says that the president’s policies, particularly his 2010 healthcare restructuring, also known as “Obamacare,” curb religious freedom.

“He was talking about issues like religious liberty and ‘Obamacare’ – topics he has mentioned frequently during the campaign,” said Romney campaign spokesman Michael Steel.

In the phone call on Sunday, Ryan discussed the importance of his Roman Catholic faith in his life.

After a weekend of cross-country barnstorming, Ryan concludes the campaign in his home state of Wisconsin with a late-night rally in Milwaukee on Monday.

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  1. My personal belief is that Paul Ryan et al are about as consistent in dignity as the triumphant flying saucer on the news.

  2. Obama is a threat to every American citizen – we can NOT have a repeat of these disastrous four years.

  3. we saw the change that obama promised a weaker economy. As a senior citizen my check is
    disappearing to health & drug insurance
    medicare takes a big bite. where are the jobs
    now go forward to disaster

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