Paul Ryan Says He Has The Votes For Budget Deal


Speaker Paul Ryan said on Thursday that he believes he has the votes needed to pass a massive budget deal and avoid a government shutdown, despite pushback from both the left and right over the bipartisan deal.

“I think we will,” Ryan told radio show host Hugh Hewitt when pressed on whether he will have the votes. “I feel good. Part of it depends on the Democrats. This is a bipartisan bill. It’s going to need bipartisan support.”


Read more at The Hill.



  1. The left should like this budget deal. It’s full of Chazer. No $$$ for the protective border wall. No $$$ for border security.
    Better to not pass this chazer budget.

  2. there is no more parties, there is only one party, the grand old party, if you kiss mine I will kiss yours party and we will stick it to the peons of this country. People keep on voting for the same old, same old, and guess what you will get the same old, same old. Don’t whine when the bill is due you all voted for these fools, they promise you all things they know they can never achieve and you all believe it, for they put you into a trance like the Nachash with Chava and you believe it all and when you wake up all you do is whine. Surprise, surprise.


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